Financial Recovery Counseling

Is Financial RecoverySM Counseling  right for you?

If  you are experiencing problems with your money: fear, guilt, shame, chronic worry, relationship issues, or any combination of these emotions, then Financial  Recovery counseling may be the most authentic way for you to address your issues.  Financial Recovery counseling addresses the underlying attitudes and behaviors that manifest in our money life: chronic debting, secrecy, guilt, shame, relationship issues, etc.

Often our approach to “correcting” our undesirable money behaviors or issues does not offer authentic tools and skills for change, but a short term solution that does not address  the root causes. Financial  Recovery Counseling is not a short term fix, but a constructive practice for embedding change.

Free Consultation:
Please contact me for one half hour FREE consultation to determine if  Financial Recovery Counseling is what you have been looking for. I am here to help.     415-259-8334

I was really proud and impressed by the results because these letters were an indicator for me of how meaningful our work had been

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